Project Slayers Water Breathing – Location, Moves & More

Project Slayers Water Breathing – Locations and Moves, plus more Unlock the water breathing style, and become proficient at its movements


Project Slayers Water Breathing – Trainer Location

How do you gain access to Water Breathing: From the Water Trainer, Sakonji Urokodaki, within Waroru Cave. You can look up the map for the location, however if you require additional assistance in finding the location look up this video tutorial from Auratix:

Water Breathing Requirements

The minimum requirement for learning the art of breathing technique is level 12 and you’ll also need 5k web.

Project Slayers Water Breathing – Moves

There are total of six movements:

  • 1. First Move: Water Surface Slash The user slowly sprints forward before doing an horizontal slash ahead of them.
  • 2nd move 2nd Move: Water Wheel The player spins into a waterwheel, which brings you closer to your foes.
  • 3rd Move: 3rd Move – Water Serpent: The user releases an aquatic serpent where the opponent is
  • 4th Move – Drop Ripple Thrust The user swerves slightly forward, and then launches a forceful ripple at the enemy.
  • 5th Move: Waterfall Basin: The user immediately jumps into the air, and releases Waterfall basin when landing
  • 6th Move – Constant Flux The player unleashes a continuous flow of water on the opponent.