PS Plus Are the upgrade to Extra and Premium in the event of a 50% discount?

A research conducted on the Twitter account of one Japanese person suggests PlayStation Plus may, in some instances, provide discounts on upgrades to the Premium and Extra levels.

The user who is in question is a frequent user of PlayStation Plus till 2034and claimed to have taken advantage of an offer that was unexpectedly made by Sony in order to move to more expensive tiers in PlayStation Plus, which include bonuses, such as the vast list of games for games for free PS4, PS5 and classic PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

The numerous screenshots uploaded by the user indicated that the upgrade to PlayStation Plus was offered with an offer of 50% off. The user, though at first awestruck, took advantage of the offer to avail the additional or special price.

The cost to upgrade to PS Plus Premium/Extra is significantly different from the price of yesterday and today. There are discounts available? details the player in the first tweet. It doesn’t matter if it’s an error by Sony or an error made by the company I’m not sure there’s any discounts for subscribers who have been with the company for a long time. I’m still in an upgrade procedure. The discount of 51% is enough.,then declares it in an update blog post.

It’s not clear how reliable the information provided by these players is (which is, in any event it appears that they have uploaded pictures of a chat which was conducted with Sony’s help) however, Sony claims that the Japanese company does offer discounts to long-term subscribers (here we’re talking about a contract that runs that runs until 2034). We recommend that you take this information with extreme caution in the event of any information from Sony.