Reaper 2 Hollow Evolution Guide

Reaper 2. Hollow Evolution Guide – evolve from Hollow to Menos, Adjucha & Vasto Lorde as well as transform into Menoscar, Adjucar or Vastocar


Reaper 2 Hollow Evolution Guide – Guide

Step-by-step instructions to transform to move from Hollow into Vasto Lorde


1. Hollow The game gives you an opportunity of 35% to become hollow upon you first join the game or buying an unused race Reroll. If you don’t receive it at the time you join this game, then you’ll typically require three races to reroll. If you require a race reroll, make sure you check for the codes


2. Menos Menos: This is the easiest thing to do, when you’re Hollow, you just need to get to the level of 15, which can be accomplished quite quickly.


3. Adjucha Adjucha stage of the development is pure farming. You must empty your red bar when you have reached less. To empty the sun’s red bar, you must eliminate NPCs


4. Vasto Lorde Final and the most difficult step. To be able to experience the ultimate evolution you have to be Adjucha, and then get to the level 50. It can take some time however, at this point, you’ll know how to go about it.

Reaper 2 Hollow Evolution Guide – Arrancars

Arrancars are high quality hollows. They became humanoid-like when they removed their mask. Based on their current hollow stage, they can be :

  • Menos > Menoscar (the lowest Arrancar not recommended)
  • Adjucha > Adjuchar
  • Vasto Lorde > Vastocar (the most powerful Arrancar)

They are taught an exlsuive technique known as Resurreccion that allows them to “resurrect” themselves and grow stronger

Menoscar guide

You can become Menoscar by becoming a Menoscar by completing the task from the “Transform to Menoscar” skill within the Menos Grande/Gillian skill tree.

Buffs: 45% Hierro protection & 10% Exp buff


Adjucar guide

You can become an Adjucar by taking on the task in the “Transform to Adjucar” skill within the Adjucha skill tree

Buffs: +5 skillpoints, + 5% damage, +35 HP, 50% Hierro protection & 20% Exp buff

Vastocar guide

You can become an Vastocar by completing the test in the “Transform to Vastocar” skill within the Vasto Lorde skill tree

Buffs: +10 skillpoints, + 15% damage, +100 HP, 60% Hierro protection & 55% Exp buff