Resident Evil First teaser for the Netflix series released

Over the past 26 years over the past 26 years, this Resident Evil video game series has kept its fans and players their hearts racing. With the most recent sequel to the horror franchise, you can take on at last to enter the world of series that is competitive. Netflix has unveiled the first teaser trailer for the series with the identical as the name, Resident Evil.


The series follows 30 year-old Jade Wesker as she struggles to live in the midst of blood-sucking infected, crazy creatures. In the midst of this apocalyptic environment, Jade is haunted by her previous experiences within New Raccoon City, by her father’s dark links with Umbrella Corporation. Umbrella Corporation, but most crucially, the fate of the sister she had, Billie. Flashbacks take you back to 2022, when both sisters Jade as well as Billie Wesker move to New Raccoon City and quickly discover that not just a dark truth is being kept from them.

Lance Reddick (John Wick series) portrays his character as the science guru Albert Wesker, while Tamara Smart ( Artemis Fowl ) and Siena Agudong ( Fast & Furious 9 ) portray both Wesker brothers Jade as well as Billie. Ella Balinska ( Charlie’s Angels ) On the other hand, plays the role of the more seasoned character Jade. Showrunner is Andrew Dabb ( Supernatural ).

The eight-part series will premiere worldwide via Netflix on July 14th.

Version: Although not officially released, there is an additional teaser focusing on the excitement of the coming Resident Evil series.