Revived Witch Codes

Revived witch Codes – Mobile Anime RPG Games by Nexon – Redeem these codes to get some freebies such as soul cryolite and stamina elixirs. Avatar frames and many more


Revived Witch Codes-List of Gift Codes

These codes can be redeemed to receive freebies such as soul cryolite and stamina elixirs. Avatar frames are also available.


Also, check out the Revived Witch tier list and the Roll guide

Use valid redeem codes

These are the valid codes

  • 932897 – Code Reward > 22 Soul and 2 Stamina Flasks (New)
  • Springfestival: Reward Code > some Gifts (New).
  • adventurebegins: Code Reward > 3x Stamina Elixirs, 2x Soul Cryolite
  • THEBEGINNING – Code Reward > Kitty Cat Avatar frame, 3x Soul Cryolite and 1x Stamina Elixir

Each week we release new codes. If you don’t want to miss any, there are thousands of rewards waiting for you. All you have to do is redeem the coupon

Valid Invitation Codes

Every account has an unique invitation code that can be used to receive invitation rewards from other players. A valid invitation code can only be used once per account. Once an account has used a valid code, it cannot use any other codes. However, there are many:

  • 13acae0c8
  • 132a0c0cc
  • 12f1660c8
  • 13140e0c8
  • 13bc00ca
  • 1391ce0cc
  • 13781a0ca
  • 137a9c0cc
  • 1344240c8
  • 11d2300c8
  • 11d2300c8

We will include your invitation code in the comments.


Expired Revived Codes for Witches

There are no expired codes currently

We will keep the list updated with all codes, rewards, and gifts.

How to redeem Revived Witch Codes?

These are the steps for redeeming codes in-game

  1. Launch Revived Witch
  2. Click on the Invitation Pack banner.
  3. Copy and paste any code from our Valid Codes List into the textbox.
  4. Click on Confirm to get your freebies

Revived Witch Codes: How to Play?

Revived Witch is an adventure game that uses both 2D dynamic pixels art and 3D lighting.

A tower rises from the forest in this continent’s dark forests, filled with powerful magic. Legend says that the tower holds a mysterious power. Numerous people have attempted to climb the tower, but none of them managed to escape alive. A soft call from nowhere woke a maiden who had been sleeping in the forest. She is a witch with little memory. She picks up her staff and wears her pointed hat to get her memories back.


Revived Witch is an adventure game with both 2D and 3D dynamic pixel art. The role of a young witch is to travel across the worlds in search of her destiny. On your journey, you’ll meet many friends with diverse personalities. You will also be able to fight powerful enemies with them.