RimWorld – How to Rotate the Chess Table

As you may have guessed the first square on the right side must be white. The default setting of the table does not rotate, creating an error that we’ll soon be able to solve.

How do you rotate the CHESS table

As you’re aware the first box to the right side must be white. The table doesn’t rotate that causes an unintended result that we’ll soon be able to solve.

The concept is to modify an expression in a document. The file is called Buildings_Joy.

The path for the file on my computer is:


After the file has been found We open it in Notepad and search for the following text excerpt:

ChessTable The game that was played since the beginning of time by King's games. A fun time for a few hours here and there, and even playing by yourself. 
It develops intellectual abilities. 
Things/Building/Joy/ChessTable Graphic_Single (0.65, 0.25, 0.6) (0, 0, -0.15) (0.09375,0.296875,0.796875,0.703125) Damage/Corner Damage/Corner Damage/Corner Damage/Corner Building false

In this section, we replace”false” with “false” with “true”. The file is saved, and that’s all there is to it. The chess table is able to be rotated just like the rest of objects. At the time of writing there is no update to the file.