Ring of Pain Community Update Achievements Guide


This guide is still a project in the making, I wanted to create a space to let people discuss their strategies, in addition to a place for me provide any tips and techniques that have helped me in the process. Guides can take time, so I decided to publish this sooner rather than later and not wait long for the guide to become completely done.



The most efficient method I have discovered was to locate and save

Hexscroll (The one that transforms the creature to a frog. Blue rarity) and apply it to an Defuser poised to explode. This achievement will trigger the creation of a Rogue FirebeadRoaming Poisonbead and the huge Roaming Firebead. It is not possible to use it on an enemy that is frozen, and all you have to do is sit in front of the Firebead and move it until it explodes on the next turn. Then you can apply your scroll to ‘hex’ thescroll to attack the monster.

The Boulder


Very simple. Choose the

Double Candleand the Rockas your first item. Keep from the Firehivefor the very last time because it might cause harm to other creatures and thereby make it impossible to achieve the goal. Make sure to attack each Gnawling only once, and then apply the
Then they will Rock them. Every Rot Houndwill have to endure two attacks before releasing they will then rock. Then, use the potion and finally, apply to rockson The Firehiveto take it down. The kill will allow you to unlock the achievement. If you’re looking to live, you could always acquire an increase in stats for defence or to boost your health.

Nudie Run


Don’t pick up or begin with any objects that are placed within the first five slots following your candle has burned out. Masks are okay, as long as they hover above the slots , you will see their game name. Noting that starting items won’t count towards this feat if they take over one of these slots. I have always found early misting vessel runs be a good idea as they allow you to obtain stat buffs and also be selective about the items you pick. Glowstoneis an excellent method in my opinion because you can reroll without having to kill enemies to gain souls. It also allows you to acquire more powerful items faster to help subsidize five items you’re missing.\

Friend of Vermin


Simple to wear with easy with the Double Candleand Hermit’s Tiara. You just need to optimize it for gaining speed statistics. Don’t take out all Gnawling(the tiny rat-like creatures). Also, stay clear of ambush roomssince they force you eliminate Gnawlings. You can hit an Gnawlingonce to freeze it. You can afterwards pass it off if are depleted in health. Be careful not to cause death to it.

Decisions, Decisions


It is enough to repeat the roll 30 times. At the beginning of the run, rerolls can be free or cheap. Two possible builds include:

  • Double Candle with Soul Stealer as one of the first items. Soul Stealer will allow you to build a good amount of Souls early to be able to use cheap rerolls. I would recommend optimizing for health/defense to last for long enough to earn the accomplishment.
  • Glow Stone as the first item lets you roll using souls instead of health. Choose a health boost and roll often during the initial levels.

Sentimental Value


All you have to do is finish the run , without replacing the initial item that you put in. It is possible to restart your first area until you’ve found an item that is solid. It is not possible to destroy the item or replace it. You also cannot get that item taken by Viscid Union Viscid Unionand return it to the owner, therefore take care.

Note:I am not currently sure if the item you are starting comes from The Double Candlecounts or not, however I am believing that it does not count. A method I have found to be enjoyable is to begin at the Lantern of the Oxand start over until the first item is Chyotic Underwear. Then for the rest of the race you can skip speed and be able to gain a significant advantage. You don’t want to loose the Chaotic underwearto keep your focus on the first.