Riot ships the League Patch 12.11 hotfix targeting Ryze KogMaw and Olaf

League of Legends Patch 12.11 made many changes to Summoners’ Rift on Wednesday June 8. The devs were also able to balance the game with the durability update. This changed how champions interact.

In the most recent patch, more than half the champions got buffs or nerfs. There were also a variety changes to their items. This resulted in a major meta change. The devs launched a hotfix to include Ryze, KogMaw and Olaf.

Hotfix 12.11 We wanted to hotfix a few champs with large changes. They had good direction, but were hard to predict and moved more slowly than we expected. — that were not the nix of the masses of people who wanted to make hotfix hotfix hotfixes…

Matt Leung-Harrison (@RiotPhroxzon) June 10, 2022, 2022.

The hotfix has the first two champions expecting to receive buffs. However, the Rune Mage will get a shorter stop, ranging from six to five seconds. The damage he takes from Spell Flux has been slightly increased. He’ll do more damage to the bioarcane barrage (W) when it comes to KogMaw. These changes seem reasonable, considering Ryze’s low win rate in midlane (42,12%) and KogMaws’ 48,63%, according to U.GG.


Olaf, Zeri and Zeri are the only champions that don’t care about their win rates. Undertow, and Tough Out have been weakened by the Berserker. These hotfixes will decrease the number of weapons and provide a lower shield. Direct nerfs were given to the Zaun Spark’s basic attacks and her Burst X (E) and Spark Surge(E).

Olaf has been a great laner since patch 12.10. He currently holds a win rate of 53.76 percent.Zeri rose to the top in the AD carry rankings after the latest update. She went from a 46.3% win rate to a 54.7 percent win rate after Patch 12.11 was released.