RoBeats Codes – Roblox – June 2022

All valid RoBeats codes in one updated list – Roblox Game by RobeatsDev. Redeem these codes to get Coins and Stars as well as Event Points and Hard VIP Box.


RoBeats codes – Complete List

Valid Codes

These codes can be redeemed to receive Coins, Stars and Event Points. Also, you will get Normal VIP Box, Hard VIP box and other gifts.


These are all valid and new codes

  • neneko Redeem code reward >125 Event Points
  • thanks380k – Redeem code reward > 250 Coins and 3 Stars
  • hardstyle: Redeem code reward > 125 Event Points
  • thanks380kamateur: Redeem code reward > 1 Normal VIP Box – Requires amateur rank
  • thanks380kstar – Redeem code reward > 1 HardVIP Box – Requires star ranking

Stay tuned for more codes.

RoBeats Expired Codes

These codes no longer work:

  • starsonly Code Reward > Some gifts
  • darkcat – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • 2dmode – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • santasback – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • xmas2021 – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • xmas2021starsonly Code Reward > Some gifts
  • wither3 > Code Reward > Some gifts
  • freedomdive222.22 – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • insight – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • fading – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • minitester – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • ewf – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • stagetester – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • viyella Code Reward > Some gifts
  • bloxdino – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • >0m0< – Code Reward > Some gifts
  • EverythingwillFreeze > Code Reward > Some gifts

RoBeats Codes: How to Redeem?

These are the steps required to redeem codes

  1. Roblox RoBeats can be launched on your device
  2. Click the Event button in the upper-right corner. Then, press Enter promo code
  3. Copy a code from this list
  4. Copy it into a text box
  5. To get your reward, press OK

This video shows you how Dan, the YouTuber Gaming Dan redeems these codes:

How do you play RoBeats Roblox Game by RobeatsDev

Event: Tate McRae is now at Roblox Listen to some of her new songs “i used too think i could fly”. You can find her in the city.

Promo Code: Thanks for 380k likes! Use the code “thanks380k”, in the event menu.


New: It’s time to leave the earth’s atmosphere and enter Inter-Planetary Orbit. You can now access the second Sound Volblox collaboration stage at the event.

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