Roblox Piggy Escape Guide

Roblox Piggy Escape Guide: Piggy is a Roblox-based game that’s based on Peppa Pig. It’s a bit like granny. You search for keys, hammers, and wrenches to escape the Piggy. You will find the way out of the Piggy.


Roblox Piggy Escape – Items, Weapons and Keys

You will need everything to escape the game and defeat it. There are keys (Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Gray keys), weapons (Hammer and Wrench), items (Woodplank, Red Gear and Green gear), and a code. The locations change from time to time and are not guaranteed. You need to know where each item can be used.


  • GreenKey: First Floor
  • Blue Key: First Floor Outside – Backyard
  • YellowKey: Basement A1 (Open the Chest).
  • Purple Key: Basement B2 (secret place)
  • Orange Key Basement B1
  • Gray Key – Exit Door
  • Hammer – Exit Door, Basement B1
  • Wrench – Exit Door, as well as 3rd Floor
  • Wood Plank 3rd Floor
  • Red Gear Backyard (Gear Box
  • Green Gear Backyard (Gear Box
  • 0 000: Exit door

Roblox Piggy Escape Walkthrough

A walkthrough is the best way to learn where each item can be used. You can beat the game in less than 10 minutes, as Janet and Kate show you in this video.