Roller Champions asking for an activation or verification key when downloading (Activate a key) issue acknowledged, workaround inside the issue

Roller champions were invented in the Ubisoft Montreal studio Ubisoft Montreal and released by Ubisoft the biggest participant in the title race.

The free-to-play game is like Rocket League, but instead of remote-controlled vehicles players have to pass to score goals.


Although this may look great on the surface, Ubisoft has clearly failed to create a fun experience due to a number of technical issues like the Sponsor Contracts being unable to progress and a lot of teams joining players in matches that are ranked.

Although Ubisoft has yet to address the two issues mentioned earlier, Roller Champions report a new issue in which the game requires verification or an activation keys while downloading (1,2,3,4,5).

Many people aren’t sure what’s going on and why Free-to-play games requires an activation code to begin with. There are also some that have uninstalled Ubisoft Connect, but it does nothing to help.


My friend and me have similar issues and have spent many moments searching for a way to download Roller Champions, but one cannot be sure If you’re locked to a key, you must provide the keycode. I reached out to Ubisoft Support and they said that there’s no keycode available for the game, as it’s available for free. There are a few things you’d like to contact us about, since you need an official key. For all it’s not possible to downloading the game for free until Ubisoft solves the issue. (Source)

Hello, I was trying to download the roller champions game on my PC. I opened Ubisoft connect and have two tabs, news and games. So I head to Ubisoft store and try to install it there and it asks me if it’s an issue at my end or if I’ve looked up sites where others suggested a banner like this in news , but it didn’t appear it did appear in Ubisoft store. (Source)


They also provided a solution in which players download games for free through Ubisoft and then play the game and download Roll Champions.

Sorry I’ve been aware of this issue and have been trying to solve this issue! Now you can try to download a free game from, then try the Roller Champions again. If the changes don’t work Please DM us with your username/email , and we’ll take a take a look. (Source)

We’d like them to figure out the root cause of the issue and address the issue at the earliest.

We will keep track of any changes and updates to the information area to keep you updated.

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