ROUTINE re-emerges once again with a new trailer

Lunar Softwares ROUTINE has a reputation for its difficult development cycles. Most of us assumed that the game had been cancelled despite the lack of updates and delays in the following four years. It seems that a trailer for the game is not possible. ROUTINE has a new trailer. You can see the video below.

ROUTINE will allow players to explore a mysterious space station and unleash an enemy force to pursue them. There will be two locations in the game: abandoned malls and living spaces. ROUTINE will feature a minimal UI and a modular system that can be used to upgrade the Cosmonaut Assistance Tool. ).

ROUTINE was on the verge of being cancelled due to the fact that the developers were not satisfied with its quality, despite having worked on it for five year. The game was canceled completely after the team found more jobs at the studio. Raw Fury, the new publisher, supported the development. Rumours about this have been reopened.

A very difficult budget was what we managed to survive. We survived a very difficult budget.

Once we had a clear idea of the scope of the project, we were able to find a partner who would support us through all our difficulties. We are grateful for your support, love, and patience. The developer said that we have the opportunity to learn raw fury so that we can bring ROUTINE to you.

There is no official release date yet, but ROUTINE will soon be available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox X. Xbox Pass will launch the day ROUTINE is available.