Rune Factory 5 Cecil Gifts

Rune Factory 5 Cecil Gifts: Loved, Liked. Neutral. Disliked. & Hated Gifts. Designed to increase affection and unlock Dating Quests


Rune Factory 5 Cecil Gifts – Loved & Enjoyed

Give the most loved gifts once per day to increase affection.

  • Loved gifts: Relax Tea, Pink Melon, Fruit Sandwich, and Ammonite
  • Favorite Gifts: Brooches and Fruits, Crystal Skull, Fruits, Fish Fossil. Ancient Fish Feather Fins. Dragon Bones. Unbroken Ivory Tusk. Conqueror Melon.
  • Neutral Gifts: All items that are not in the previous categories
  • Disliked gifts: Yogurt, Cheese, Milk, Yogurt and Object X.
  • Hated gifts: Hot milk, Milk Porridge

We put all our likes aside, but you only care about the Loved or Liked. The Neutral don’t contribute anything and the Disliked or Hated can even hurt your relationship with Cecil

Cecil’s birthday RF5

Cecil’s birthday was Spring 12

Rune Factory 5 Cecil Gifts: How to Give Gifts

Talk to Cecil about the item > Go to inventory > Choose the item > Give the gift

Gifts are only effective for one day. If you don’t want to give the same gift the next day, it won’t have any effect on your character affection.