Rune Factory 5 Lucy Gifts

Rune Factory Lucy Gifts – Loved, Liked. Neutral. Disliked. & Hated Gifts. Designed to increase affection and unlock Dating Quests


To increase love and to unlock the doors to romance, give the Most Loved & Liked gifts


Rune Factory 5 Lucy Gifts-Loved & Liked

Give the most loved gifts once per day to increase affection.

  • Loved Presents: Glitter Snapchatper, Tuna and Salmon Onigiri. Also, Sacred Pole and Famous Pole
  • Favorite Gifts – Fish, Fishing Poles Milk, Fruit, Monkey Plush
  • Neutral Gifts: All items that are not in the previous categories
  • Liked gifts: Spider’s Thread and Ghost Hood, Object X. Scrap Metal. Trash
  • Hated gifts: Devil Horn, Devil Blood, Skull

We put all our likes aside, but you only care about the Loved, Liked, and Neutral. The Disliked, Hated, and both will penalize your relationship to Lucy

Lucy’s birthday RF5

Lucy’s birthday falls on 16

Rune Factory 5 Lucy Gifts: How to Give Gifts

Go to inventory > Select an Item > Talk with Lucy > Gift the item

Gifts are only effective for one day. If you don’t want to give the same gift the next day, it won’t have any effect on your character affection.