RuneScape celebrates the first anniversary of Mobile with Player Rewards

The first time in a while since RuneScapes was launched, Jagex is offering players numerous rewards within the game.

Rune Scape is a wildly well-known MMORPG that has been a hit for more than two decades. Its mainline edition boasts an active player base, despite the large number of players active in the old school version of Runescape. For those who aren’t aware, Old School Rune Scape is an original game that was developed in partnership with Jagex. It is the sequel game in Warcraft Classic that is rune scape that was used during the time of the Old School.


The launch of Run escape on mobile was slated for its long-awaited launch this year on the 17th of June. The mobile version was released with cross-platform support and, according to Jagex 40 % of Rune Scape’s player base is based on its mobile version. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Run escapes, Jagex will offer certain incentives for players to play.

To get the cash and play for no cost players can utilize the treasure hunter’s equipment to open treasure chests. An increase of 50% is anticipated to be offered gamers for a short duration. It is expected that the Bullsmith uniform, which is shown below, will be released as rewards.

Run escape players are in the process of waiting on an update scheduled to release on July 4th. The patch will add the final boss battle in The Aged God Wars Dungeon, Zamboorak. Jagex is touted as the biggest boss fight in RuneScape history, and is that is sure to thrill players.

To make a connection between the epic battle that took place in Senntisten’s sacred city last October, which was updated and the upcoming battle in the battle with Zamora, Jagex released the quest called Twilight of God last week. The quest takes a deeper dive into Zamboorak and sends the player on a collision course with Zamorak, the Lord of Chaos and Death in preparation for the release of the boss fight in the next month.

So the games RuneScape or Old School RuneScape are able to expand and expand, a tabletop RPG could be the next step for the RuneScape franchise. The well-known designer and publisher of TTRPG Steamforged Games has received 875,012 bucks (1.7061 dollars) for their RuneScape Kingdom on Kickstarter and has surpassed $100,717 dollar (115,7) targets.