Saturnalia, a folklore-inspired survival horror game, is launching in 2022

Saturnalia, a survival horror video game, is heavily inspired by folklore from Sardinia (Italy). In 2022, Saturnalia will be exclusively available on PC via Epic Games Store. Additional game platforms will be revealed at a later time.

This official trailer shows what characters can expect from Saturnalia, including their exploration abilities, threats, and character customizations.

Saturnalia will have you playing four characters who are immersed in a richly connected story that links back to the haunting tales of an ancient village. There are no two paths in the maze of the ancient village. You must navigate the maze without a guide and solve the puzzles and mysteries as you go.

The village will reorganize itself if you die. The new maze will require you to solve puzzles and find shortcuts to get to new areas. Each character unlocks a new storyline, each with its own unique power.

The maze will present you with many problems. Your weapon only has a finite supply of matches. Either you will have to navigate through the fog to uncover the truth or get lost in the shadows.

Saturnalia’s key features include:

  • Every time a character dies, the village’s structure changes.
  • Characters possess unique abilities that can be used to open new avenues using tools and consumables.
  • Roguelite gameplay allows you to maintain narrative and progression throughout every game.
  • You will need to solve puzzles that are closely connected with the game world. Also, you’ll need to manage your limited match supply in order for your vision to remain sharp.
  • Adaptive narrative with nonlinear progression
  • Find out more about the ritual, and then use the information to stop it.
  • The game’s animations and artwork are inspired by stop-motion and rotoscoping techniques.

In Saturnalia, which launches in 2022, explore an ancient maze-like city in a game that was inspired by Sardinia (Italy). For more amazing content, make sure you visit our Latest News section!