Sea of Thieves players argue whether to save or destroy a iconic place

Sea of Thieves players have returned to action. But this time, it is not for pirate treasure. Two warring factions are fighting to save or destroy this iconic gaming spot.

Players can choose to either build Golden Sands, a once-popularly charming post that has been destroyed by the current season, or go back into the wilderness as part of the Season 6 story arc.

The war started when players had to defend themselves against the Hunters who should supply supplies to Golden Sands or the Reapers who are forced destroy supernatural rowboats in order to disrupt repair work. As the fate of the outpost will now be determined, it is scheduled to take place on June 9, 2008.

Rare, a developer, encouraged players to share their opinions on social media. Rare posted photos of users, including #SaveGolden Sands and #RuinGolden Sands.

Twitter is currently using both hashtags, with #SaveGoldenSands not far behind. Both are used in a respectful way to discuss philosophy and share their reasoning.

One user wrote, “I have no intention of doing anything.”

A drastic change after four years of playing is thrilling. Even if the Hunters win I still want the changes Rare has in mind. This game will be more exciting if the islands are destroyed and expanded.

Another user was added:

It’s obvious, I believe, that regardless of who wins, the Reapers have some interesting updates for us. Even if they lose, the Reapers won’t give up. The next chapter will be there.

People who care about the Golden Sands will continue to share their inspiring messages via Twitter until June 9th.

Good morning, everyone. I see a little bit of hope today in the Golden Sands. Although we were not there to save Golden Sands, we can still help them. We will not leave.

Rare knows the fate of Golden Sands, regardless of which side wins. This is likely just the beginning of bigger changes in Sea of Thieves’ world.