Second generation versions of Resident Evil compares to originals

Resident Evil 2nd generation is comparable to the originals. Frame rates are not always stable, but reflexion is superior. The console does not always deliver 120 fps of performance. Consoles in performance mode are not always hit at 120 fps.

Resident Evil 2/3 was released for the PC and next-generation consoles. Three-dimensional sound and Ray Tracing were added to games. They were able to improve the quality of lighting, reflections and sound with the help of the game.

ElAnalistaDeBits compares all versions, and shows how Resident Evil’s picture has changed on new consoles and computers. The conclusion is that reflections look more real, downloads are faster, but frames rates don’t always match.

All games on newer consoles have upscaling. This dynamically changes the rendering resolution of tables with 120 fps performance mode and 60 in ray trace mode. It doesn’t always work.

It is worth noting, however, that the resolution on the Xbox Series X is often in the vicinity of real 4K, rather than the PlayStation 5. Usually, the rendering resolution is around 2016p. With ray tracing enabled, the PC series uses 1152p resolution most often.

A second interesting fact is that strange artifacts can sometimes be created when ray trapping in reflections is used. It’s not clear why this happened.

This is very interesting.

Minecraft will have a complaint. Patch 1.19.1 was not released.