Serial Cleaners Releasing Sept. 22

Serial Cleaners was a standout exhibit at the Future Game Show in 1990s. It is based on the original art style with a clear finish and detailed art style. The game targets four players who must clean up crime scenes in order to make the mafia laugh. It will officially begin on September 22, 2019, after its official announcement in 2020.

Draw Distance introduced the game in 2017 and it is based upon a serial cleaner. The group consists of four mafia cleaners, who clean up crime scenes following mafia hits. They have a few drinks and discuss their most memorable jobs. It turns out their work is linked but it wasn’t worth it.


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Serial Cleaners Steam page describes it as “An allusion to the 90s, from Tarantinos and B-movie movies and more” and that Serial Cleaners puts a unique spin on a decade of bright optimism… with a bit of grime beneath it all. Many types of music once defined the 20th century’s end.

Serial Cleaners is a game company that offers “Courty characters with four perspectives and four play styles.” They do not offer modernized wares. Innovation and cutting-edge tech skills, rather than the sharpness of scale, are the best tools of the trade. You’ll always get to the other end of the page. You can use the story outline to help you decide what part or story you want next. Then, you can take on each mission however many times you like. Stealth, exploration, and speed are all good practices. For the cleaning up of the decade’s mess before the new millennium, you must provide your body and any other evidence.

Future Games Show also announced the shadow drop on Steam of Deadly Premonition 2 – A Blessing In Disguise by Swery65. You can now download the previously unrelated Nintendo Switch title at 30% off on Steam.