Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List

7 Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List – The Tier List is Heroes in order of Level S through Tier D. look them up to determine the most appropriate option to implement your strategy


Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List

We always do this in our Tiers articles we suggest that a balanced team be at their best, a team that has a solid strategy for attacking and defending will always be better than one that isn’t well-balanced.


In this game Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy it is much easier to create balanced teams because the selection of characters is much more straightforward than in other games where there are five or six classes to pick from So, we can say it’s Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy is a less complicated game than others.

Tier S

The most desirable category is the Tier of Highest. We highly recommend choosing the highest possible character of this Tier, however, as we’ve seen that the characters of higher Tiers are difficult to find.

  • Asmodeus (Lust) – DPS/support
  • Belphegor (Sloth) – DPS/support
  • Caillen (Braveheart) – support
  • Clarice (Hermit) – DPS/support
  • Furka (Dragonblade) – DPS/support
  • Garcias (Twin Stars) – support
  • Lucifer (Pride) – DPS/support
  • Stolas (Windblade) – DPS

Tier A

High-end category in the top tier, excellent choice of character. They are more powerful and stronger than the average characters in lower categories.

  • Anastastia (Rebirth) – DPS
  • Aura (Calamity) – DPS
  • Kay (Gunslinger) – DPS/support
  • Marilu (The Undaunted) – DPS
  • Nonna (Lightning Rider) – DPS/control
  • Shalimar (Flourish Weaver) – support/control

Tier B

For any team’s base It is essential to include at minimum all characters of tier B, as it is the only requirement needed to be able to play with ease on Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy

  • Abelia (Liberator) – DPS/control
  • Clarice (Hermit) – DPS/control
  • Elphus (Kabuki) – DPS/support
  • Evelina (Enlightenment) – support
  • Ingrid (Bloodthirst) – DPS/support
  • Jacqueline (Eccentric Inventor) – DPS/control
  • Lucianna (Vedomosti) – DPS/control
  • Zoe (Truthseeker) – DPS/control

Tier C

As we have always said that this is a category for new players that you are able to begin playing, but never progress in the game in the event that you don’t develop more powerful characters.


  • Drusilla (Prosperity) – support
  • Draco (Blazewind) – DPS
  • Matina (Conflagration) – – support
  • Noach (Scrutiny of Flesh) – DPS/support
  • Rufina (Gospel of Esther) Control and/or support
  • Sylwia (Eurythmics) control and support
  • Svetlana (Lamentation) support/control

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List – About

It was a new project in 2012 by the Hobby Japan production in 2012. the content we are aware of is anime and manga. It’s a role-playing game with amazing battle scenes, with an unclear narrative that can make you think.

The most prestigious category of Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy is Tier S characters. Tier-S characters for the purpose of being able to pick various classes of heroes

Does not advised to pick the same heroes as you’ll end up with an unbalanced team and they will easily beat you. The only way to be successful by selecting a team with different types of heroes share the same characteristics is when the opponent you’re facing is an inferior level to yours.

seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List Conclusion Choose a group of heroes, based on the strategy you will use to use against your opponents and, more importantly, build the most well-balanced and diverse team and compensate the lower classes for the more advanced classes.

Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy Tier List – Main Characters

The story’s main theme in Seven Mortal Sins X Tasy discusses Lucifer which is the fallen angel. He is an angel that did not attain heaven in accordance with the religious beliefs and then turned evil when the angel was frustrated at not being able to reach the destination that he desired. His anger and wickedness caused him be taken to hell and, with his formidable combative abilities, he was able to establish himself swiftly and became one of the main foundations of hell and all angels in heaven feared his rage. In the nick of time Lucifer was the strongest, and when the gods of hell secured his power. Lucifer went through everything, except the command of the Leviathan the demon. Because of it, Leviathan was able to enlist an human high school student, Totsuka Maria, as the “Arrogant Demon Lord Lucifer” and embarked on a quest to combat all seven sins that are deadly. The story began with”the “Seven Deadly Sins”.


  • All the demon lords of
  • “Pride” : Lucifer
  • ” Envy ” : Leviathan
  • ” Wrath ” : Satan
  • ” Sloth ” : Belphegor
  • ” Greed ” : Mammon
  • ” Gluttony ” : Beelzebub
  • ” Lust ” : Asmodeus