Shadwen Console Commands & Cheats

Shadwen Console Cheats and Commands – undetectable. All weapons & articles, all crafting materials, poison dart, proximity, and other items.


Shadwen Console Cheats and Commands – Full Liste

These are all the console commands & cheats


  • cheat.makeAiBlindAndDeaf () – the cheat makes enemies not react to player
  • cheat.makeChildUndetectable () – the cheat makes the child undetectable
  • cheat.makeChildNotMove () – the cheat makes the child stay still and it doesn’t move until you revert it
  • cheat.changeCharacter () – the cheat changes the character you control between “Shadwen” and “Lily”
  • cheat.giveAll – This cheat allows you to get all of the trap weapons and items in the game
  • cheat.giveItems – The cheat gives you one item from each game except traps and weapons.
  • cheat.giveCraftingMaterials () – the cheat gives you all of the games crafting materials
  • cheat.giveCraftingRecipes () – the cheat gives you all of the games crafting recipes
  • cheat.giveTraps – The cheat gives you one trap type that is used in the game
  • cheat.givePoisonDartMine () – the cheat gives 1 poison dart mine
  • cheat.giveProximityMine () – the cheat the cheat gives you 1 proximity mine

Shadwen Console Commands and Cheats – How do I enable cheats?

Cheats are automatically activated. To activate them, simply open the console and press F8.


Cheats can be used in conjunction with achievements. They have no consequences and can be used whenever you like. You can also unlock all achievements even if cheating.

About Shadwen

Shadwen, a 3rd-person stealth-action game, is where you must remain hidden. Keep your face covered or you will be killed by the ruthless guards!

Shadwen is an assassin who is on a mission to kill the King. He has an unexpected encounter with Lily, an orphaned girl. She follows Shadwen’s dangerous journey but Lily is too scared to look at the ruthless guards.

Shadwen will put the girl’s trust at risk by resorting violence or will she try to find a way that keeps her true purpose secret?


It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to kill.