She-Ra: Nicole Kassell signed on to direct the live-action series

It was revealed last year that a live action series based on She-Ra’s character is currently in development. Now, more information is available about the project. As Variety reported, Nicole Kassell ( WestworldCastle Rock) will assume the role of director.

She-Ra: Nicole Kassell signed on to direct the live-action series

Kassel will be directing the pilot episode. If the pilot is successful, Kassel will also serve as executive producer. DreamWorks, which produced the animated series She-Ra & the Rebel Princesses, is also involved in the series’ production. The live-action series will not be connected to the animated series but it will tell a different story. The project is currently not available.

Kassel has previous experience working with pilots. She has already produced the first episodes of the comedy-drama Claws as well as the British horror comedy The Baby. She was also the director of the prelude to the Watchmen miniseries, for which she was awarded a Directors Guild of America Award.

She-Ra is Princess Adora. She is the long-lost twin sister to Prince Adam. She protects Ethernia along with his alter ego He Man. Adora, who was introduced by Hordak as a child, was taken to another world where she was controlled by him and made the commander of his army.

After her appearance in the animated film HeMan and She-Ra : The Mystery of the Sword, the spell was broken. Adora, who wielded the Sword of Protection and became She-Ra the leader of the newly-formed rebellion. In SheRa and the Rebel PrincessesBut, all connections between Adora and He-Man were broken, and Adora, an orphan joined the Horde. She uses a sword to transform into She-Ra, the legendary warrior, and becomes the leader of resistance.