Shindo Life Jinshiki Event Codes – Private Servers June 2022

Shindo Life Jinshiki Codes – Private Servers – There are tons of private server codes and sub-abilities, as well as the ninja tools, and companions that can be used to farm in Jinshiki Events.

Other Areas Codes and Spawn times include Ember, Nimbus Obelisk, Haze Dunes, Tempest and Tempest. Training Ground, Storm and Great Narumaki, War and Conquest, Arena X Forest of Embers Jejunes Vinland

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Shindo Life Jinshiki Event Codes – Private Servers Codes List

These codes for Private Servers are only applicable to the Jinshiki Event region of the game.

  • -dyJZV
  • -h7Xm8
  • 0o87iT
  • 0Q1bxU
  • 0wnW_m
  • 1DXZAX
  • 1gxEE3
  • 1yJksT
  • 2Kt0te
  • 2KtOte
  • 34dfRA
  • 35vaZP
  • 3Qrhlz
  • 75wZ-0
  • 8Cqv2O
  • 8W072_
  • 9Ig4fN
  • c1X48B
  • Chqwep
  • Cv-0Uz
  • Cv-OUz
  • cx7IsN
  • dft_JC
  • EH3gEl
  • fgc4BI
  • fgc4BI
  • fkU1IO
  • gRxzDg
  • hJYG8t
  • HpoWze
  • IHqida
  • LE6AP_
  • lOLJC9
  • NO6Dg4
  • oLksGi
  • Omh_m0
  • Ooc1Im
  • pcYhy6
  • pNGMXP
  • tgairz
  • tJ_zei
  • TLn2Da
  • U0ozoB
  • UA9rRr
  • uwRNA7
  • V6WPOO
  • Wi816B
  • WoKj_Z
  • wpta45
  • XelESM
  • XsX9VL
  • y7KhAF
  • YiFmoR
  • yVmE0m
  • Z_MOu5
  • ZrQB0_

The Jinshiki Event, unlike the five other major villages, does not have a place for Rank, despite having Missions or a Ramen Shop.

You can learn everything you need to farm in the Jinshiki Event.

Shindo Life Jinshiki Event Codes – Rewards

  • After defeating the Jinshiki Event boss he will be able to return to the center.
  • The Jinshiki Event Boss offers a 1/8 chance for players to receive the Jinshiki Event God-Awakening Sub-Ability, and 1/8 chance for players to receive the Mode of Raion–Gaiden.
  • Tailed Spirits are possible to be dropped by the Boss.
  • This boss is based on one of the antagonists from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. He’s Isshiki Oksutsuki.

Shindo Life Jinshiki Event codes – How to Use them?

Click on Play to select a location (Jinshiki Event), and then open the player menu (M key). Click on Travel in the menu to the left of your new window. Click on Private Server Teleport to enter any codes or ids that were provided in the list.