Shrek in the Backrooms Exit Code

Shrek In The Backrooms Exit code – Locate the Code, Find Out the Exit and Beat Shrek In The Backrooms With Our Guide


Shrek in Backrooms Exit Code. Full Guide

1. First Find the Code

Every server has a unique code so make sure you look up the code before you do anything.


  • The secret passage leads to the code. Look for the “Noclip Here” sign and follow the path to the left.
  • If you don’t find a double locker, reset your character (ESC+ R) once you are in the yellow area.
  • Continue the steps above until you find a second locker in the yellow area.
  • Depending on your location:
    • If you spawn directly in front of the locker (or near it), move to the right
    • If you spawn near the locker but it is far away, move forward and to your left.
  • The code will be stuck to a piece of white paper.
  • Reset again

2nd Exit Search

  • Turn the lights on (upstairs).
  • Wear Hazmat, and only go to the Warning Authorized personnel door.
  • Always keep your right arm in contact with the right wall when moving forward.

Although it may seem absurd, it is possible to continue moving forward with your right hand attached to the wall on your right. Even if you believe it leads nowhere, it could be a path that makes sense. Sometimes paths open that aren’t visible with the naked eye. Even if they chase you, stay to the right. You will eventually arrive at the exit door about five minutes later. This is where you need to enter the code

You cannot redeem the codes but you can look at the script Pastebin


Shrek in Backrooms Exit code – Video Guide

We leave you the Roblox Gamerz video tutorial to confirm our method works. You will find the location of the code and see the exit door.