Slime Rancher Best Mods (2022)

Slime Rancher Top Mods for Multiplayers, Vaccables Singularity, Gem Slimes Shiny Tarr Rancher, Pure Saber Market Expansion, and more


Slime Rancher Best Mods – Multiplayer Mod

Play with your friends and friends. play with your friends, Rancher Multiplayer is an mod of Slime Rancher. Game Slime Rancher. It includes remote and local real-time multiplayer in the game, allowing players to play with friends or your family!


Download the Multiplayer Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – SRML Mod

SRML (Slime Rancher Mod Loader) is a totally free dual mod loader as well as a modding framework that works with (you you guessed that) Slime Rancher.

Slime Rancher Best Mods – More Vaccables Mod

This mod allows you to collect gold as well as lucky and quicksilver slimes. It also stops them from running away! You can also collect largos and includes more than 364 custom-designed largo icons, along with hidden style support. Not only that, you can put the silos in!

Download the More Vaccables Mod > Here


Slime Rancher Best Mods – Singularity Slimes Mod

This mod adds two new slimes: the slime with a black hole as well as the slime with a white-hole. They’re in fundamentally connected, in the sense that you cannot have a black hole if you don’t have the white hole or the reverse is true. If something is inserted into the slime of a black hole, in the event that it doesn’t get destroyed, it is released into through the hole in white. Food that is able to enter the black hole emerges out from the white hole in the form of an singularity plort

Download the Singularity Slimes Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – Market Expansion Mod

The button is added right in front of the plort marketplace input. Hit the button for see modified plorts which aren’t displayed in the market.

Download the Market Expansion Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – Gem Slimes Mod

  • Sapphire Slime: Sapphire slime’s spawn naturally in the Indigo Quarry and you can transform them into the Emerald Slime’s by mixing. Sapphire Slime + Lucky Slime = Emerald Slime.
  • Emerald Slime The Emerald slimes can only be obtained through mixing an Sapphire Slime with the Lucky Slime Then, you’ll be able to get the next level by mixing. Emerald Slime + Garnet Slime = Amethyst Slime.
  • Amethyst Slime: Amethyst slimes can only be obtained through mixing a Emerald Slime and Garnet Slime together. You can then get the next tier by mixing. Amethyst Slime + Gold Slime = Diamond Slime.
  • Diamond Slime Diamond slimes are the most sought-after slimes you have to obtain by mixing Sapphire + Lucky and then a Emerald + Garnet, and then Amethyst + Gold to create Diamond Slime. They can be sold for as high as and even over 1000 Newbuck’s
  • Garnet Slime: They don’t drop their own plorts because they’ve lived with Mosaic Slimes throughout their lives. they began dropping Mosaic Plorts. The only reason they are in usage at present is to advance that diamond slime!

Download the Gem Slimes Mod > Here


Slime Rancher Best Mods – More Largos Mod

A mod that introduces new largos, including gold largos, puddle largos, lucky largos and more.

Download the More Largos Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – SRML Registry Fixes Mod

Corrects some problems with some of the registries in SRML. In the meantime, until these bugs are solved within SRML itself , some mods might need this fix to function correctly.

Download the SRML Registry Fixes Mod > Here


Slime Rancher Best Mods – Shiny Slimes Mod

This mod is designed to bring unique variations to the slimes in the game. If a slime appears, it is able to randomly appear with a shiny appearance, appearing with a different color and an internal number that indicates it as an extremely shiny. Shiny spawns currently work exactly like the original 3-8 Pokemon games when compared with their predecessors… They simply look different. The intention is to change in the future the development.

Download the Shiny Slimes Mod > Here

Tarr Rancher Mod

Have ever thought of ranching the Tarr? Have you ever thought of seeing the elusive Tarr plort could be like? Have you ever wanted to see a slime of tarr that’s only 75% larger than an ordinary slime? Are I asking enough questions? This and much more is in this mod!

Download the Tarr Rancher Mod > Here


Pure Saber Slimes Mod

The ability is added to remove slimes from sabers. Also, it allows to allow them to reproduce in the wild!

Download the Pure Saber Slimes Mod > Here

Growable Ginger and Kookadoba Mod

Lets gilded ginger and kookadoba to be planted in a plot of garden. Gilded ginger is a plant that grows with silver parsnips, which is similar as the odd onion that grows by combining carrots.