Sniper Elite 5 Unlock All Weapons Guide

Sniper elite 5 Unlock all Weapons Guide – Campaign Skins Axis Invasion Skins Survival Skins and Multiplayer Skins


There are x18 weapon types (x6 Sniper rifles, x6 Secondary weapons, and x6 pistols), but only x12 are unlocked. This guide will show you how to unlock them.


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Sniper Elite 5 Unlock All Weapons – Sniper Rifles

These are the Weapons – Sniper Rifles that you need to unlock.

  • M.1903 Unlocked starting at the start
  • SREM-1 Unlocked starting at the start
  • Gewehr 1943 – Complete Mission 3
  • Karabiner98 – Mission 2 Complete Kill Challenge (Crush him using one of the Chateau chandeliers).
  • M1A Carbine Complete Mission 5
  • RSC 1918 Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 7 – Kill target with aV2)mejor

Sniper Elite5 Unlocks All Weapons – Secondary Armors

These are the Secondary Weapons – SMGs – how to unlock them.

  • M1A1 GOV. Unlocked starting at the start
  • Welgun – Unlocked starting at the start
  • Machine PIST.40 Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 1 – Kill target with an explosive explosion
  • Machine Pist.44 Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 4: Kill the target with a Rat Bomb
  • Stengun MK2 – Complete Mission 6 Liberation
  • Type 100 Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 5: Kill the target by burying them in concrete

Sniper Elite Five Unlocks All Weapons – Pistols

These are the Weapons – Pistols that you need to know how to unlock.

  • M1911 Unlocked starting at the start
  • Welrod Unlocked starting at the start
  • MKVI Revolver Complete Mission 2
  • Model D Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 6: (kill the target with poison)
  • Pistol08 – Mission 3 Complete Kill Challenge (kill the target with a stealthy takedown).
  • Type 14 Nambu Complete Kill Challenge in Mission 8: Kill target with a Japanese Weapon Type 14 Nambu, or Type 100

About the Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment in the award-winning series. It features unparalleled sniping, tactical, third-person combat, and an enhanced kill camera. You can fight your way across some of the most detailed maps ever made. There are many real-world locations that have been captured in incredible detail and an improved traversal system which allows you to explore more.


France 1944 – In a covert operation by the US Rangers to weaken Atlantikwall fortifications on the coast of Brittany (USAR), an elite marksman Karl Fairburne contacts the French Resistance. They soon discover a hidden Nazi project that could end the war before the Allies can invade Europe. It is called Operation Kraken.