Sony has launched new auto AV receivers with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Sony Electronics Corporation has announced the XAV – AX6000 and XAV – AX4000 car AV receivers, which support wireless pairing with a smartphone.

Both of these new products are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technologies. The device connects to the cell phone via WiFi. Once they have connected the scooter, they will be able to hear and play music as they drive. You can’t take your cell phone out of your pocket, or use it in the same manner.

The XAV-AX6000 features a 1 inch femur display. Capacitive technology is used to implement a touch control system. HDMI input.


The XAV-AX4000 received a 6,95 inch diagonal touch screen. A coating of anti-reflective has been applied.


The Bluetooth wireless controller is built into the receivers. The Sony LDAC codec should be used. This codec is used to encode high-resolution audio signals (in this instance 24 bit /96 kHz). You can also play FLAC files, deleted or free.

These buttons can be used to control the physical controls, equalize four bandses and connect a rearview camera or a USB Type C port.

The XAV AX6000 receivers and XAV AX4000 receivers are available for $700 and $650, respectively.