Soul Knight Statues Guide

Soul Knight Statues Guide: All the Statues and their effects, cooldowns and frequently asked questions.


Guide to Soul Knight Statues – Complete List

  • Thief : This implosion does 4 damage to the enemies in close proximity and pulls any relevant ones. Cooldown = 3 seconds.
  • Elf All enemies that could be used against the player are eliminated and taken 5 damage. All projectiles in the vicinity are destroyed. (Affected by Reflect Buff). Cooldown = 8 seconds
  • Sorcerer: Shoots 8 homing, arrowhead-shaped bullets at cardinal and ordinal directions. Cooldown = 5 seconds
  • Priest: Makes a circular symbol on the ground, regenerating 30 Energy over three ticks in 2 seconds. This effect only applies to players who are in the circular symbol. Cooldown = 12 seconds
  • Assassin. Shoots 3 penetrating blades in a cone-arc with 4 damage each. (Affected by Accuracy buffs, Bounce and Shotgun buffs. Cooldown = 1 second
  • Knight: Summons knight followers. Knights die after taking significant damage or after 20 seconds. (Knights are not affected by the Pet and Reflect buffs. Cooldown = 8 seconds
  • Paladin: For 6 seconds, creates a force field around your player. After taking a hit, it vanishes – Cooldown = 8.5 seconds
  • Engineer : Places 4 TNTs near the user. After a few seconds, or immediately upon impact, the explosion occurs. (Affected by the Fire buff or weapon challenge conditions). Cooldown = 10 seconds
  • Berserker – Gives the user and all allied allies the Weapon Boost effect, for 5 seconds – Cooldown = 11.
  • Werewolf – Restore 1 Health for the User – Cooldown = 60 Seconds
  • Holy Statue (Lobby). : Random effect

Guide to Soul Knight Statues – How to Use Statues

All you have to do is find a statue and spend your coins.


  1. First, find statues in rooms marked with a yellow exclamation on the map
  2. To get the special effect, give coins to the statue (the cost is x15 Gold).


  • One statue effect per player is active at a given time
  • As you enter deeper into the dungeon, the cost will increase.
  • Use Cooldown Buff and Skill cooldown 50% to reduce cooldown
  • Little Commander: The effects are limited to one mercenary