Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator – Organ Stock Portfolio Tips and Tricks

Do you want to profit of the market like a professional? It’s time to get started! With a few easy guidelines like these, you’ll be on the road to wealth in just a few minutes!


The Basics


Above is an illustration of the stock graph that looks like. There’s a stock graph for every organ that is available in the game, and you are able to buy any item at any point (provided you have cash) regardless of whether you’ve already unlocked the organ.

At the end of every day, the organ’s inventory could have risen either fell or certain occasions, was the same. Each organ has a “market cap” which will reveal how valuable each organ is. For instance, excormex is almost guaranteed to be below 6 credits, while hearts can be valued at 1500 or more.


In addition, the graphs of organ stock generally correspond to the potential prices for the organs you sell to clients Keep that in your mind.

Note: While you are able touse the arrows to navigate through the various stocks, your mouse’s scroll wheel works as well for a more fluid experience.


Once you’ve figured out how the market actually is now is the time to find out how to earn BIG BUCKS out of it!


Here are some tips to help you start:

  • If you’re not blessed with lots of cash available or you just want to try out before you can play in the major leagues, invest in lower-cost stocks (particularly kidney or heart stocks) to get started!
  • You’re trying to buy low, then sell high. This is the case for all stocks that you are interested in.
  • Once you’ve gotten the money and you’ve got the money, look for stocks with a large market value and have the track record of recovering from lower prices, such as the lungs.
  • If you’re not certain how reliable a stock you can just purchase one or two stocks and then watch the market for a while. There should be a change percentage from the time you last purchased the stock on lower left-hand corner.
  • If you notice that a stock hasn’t risen over time since you bought it last then cut your losses and sell it at its lowest loss. Any money that doesn’t grow is ineffective!
  • If the price of a precious organ drop below the half mark, that’s the perfect time to buy! Purchase in bulk and reap the profits within a couple of days.
  • Sometimes you’ll receive messages from a certain group that state that they’ll overflow the market with a specific organ in a couple of days. This implies that the price of inventory for the specific organ will fall and the actual prices of the organ (this can also cause a flood in the store when trading and stops it from replenishing until the slots are cleared). You are able to take advantage of this!

All you need to do is Junior stockbroker! Go out and make a fortune!