Speed ​​Racer: Live-action series on Apple+ in the works

Speed ​​Racer: Live-action series on Apple+ in the works

Speed racers, get out there! Apple+ has begun adapting the Japanese speed-racer film template to become a series after the Wachowski sisters broke all the physical laws. Hiram Martinez ( Snowpiercer) and Ron Fitzgerald( Westworld) have been assigned as showrunners and writers for the project.

Speed ​​Racer

Go Mifune is the protagonist of the story. He drives his Mach 5 car with his father’s racing team. Go emerges as the winner of every race thanks to all the technical gadgets. This brings with it many envious people. The racing team must deal with criminals in their daily lives, despite the fact that the competition employs illegal tricks.

According to some sources, the series has been in development for several years before being migrated to Apple’s streaming service. Martinez’s interpretation of Tatsuo Yoshida’s manga series is said to have impressed those responsible. It was also reported to have received the blessing of Tatsunoko Pro. This Japanese animation studio, behind speed-racer anime, was founded in mangaka Yoshida by his brothers. They regained ownership after a series legal battles in 2013.

It will be produced by JJ Abrams Bad Robot Productions, Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Television. They have previously collaborated on series like Fringe and Westworld, and Lisey’s Story for Apple+.




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