Star Citizen gets a new video. Nine Tail & Commodity Kiosks Videos and Crowdfunding Passes $478 Million

Cloud Imperium Games has released additional videos that show the Star Citizen content in its expanding space game.

The Nine Tails, one of Star Citizens’ most important criminal groups, is the subject of the first video. The video then shows the progress made to address the large commodity marketplace.

The second video features a longer conversation with the community team.

These videos are available for you to view below.

Star Citizen’s latest issue shows that the Crowdfunding has just passed $478 Million, while its current price tag stands at $478,367,000.

Reportedly, the number of registered accounts has surpassed 3,9 millions. It is currently at 3,905 907 as of this writing.

It’s not known that all of them pay players, as usual. You can have different types of money accounts that are free from the same number as the one you received shortly after opening.

Chris Roberts has recently spoken out about the future and plans for 2022.

Keep in mind that this article was written by a Star Citizen backer who participated in the original Kickstarter campaign some years ago.