Star Wars Jedi: Survivor re-released to see Darth Maul

According to a new rumor, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor could feature Darth Maul, the legendary villain. Many stories currently focus on Jedi: Survivor, which is still in mystery. Although Respawn’s developers have described it as being quite dark, we don’t yet know what to expect from the throughline narrative. After Darth Vader’s appearance at Fallen Order, Maul appears to be the next Star Wars villain to make an appearance in the sequel.

The rumor is based on Nick Baker, a videogame industry insider who has provided numerous accurate information in the past. Baker revealed that he previously heard that Darth Maul would play a part in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s demise. Baker stated that he also heard this information one year ago. This means that there could have been changes to the project.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor could have Darth Maul as a character, but it would not cause continuity problems. Maul is still alive and running the Shadow Collective, based on the location of the game in the Star Wars timeline. Although he died in a battle against Obi-Wan years later, his story could cross paths with Cal Kestis at some point, possibly at the end Jedi: Survivor. For now, you can take this rumor with a grain of salt.

We know for now that Star Wars Jedi will arrive in 2023. It will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox X, and PC.

Would you like to see Darth Malul in Jedi: Survivor? Is Maul so keen to play that sequel?