Stardew Valley Squid Fishing Guide – How to Catch

Stardew Valley Squid Fishing Guide – How and where to fish & capture, Magic Bait and Catch a Squid Story Quest. Best fishing spot


Stardew Valley Squid fishing guide – Where and How to Catch?

The Squid can be caught at The Beach in winter evenings. You can also find it in Garbage Cans or at the Traveling Cart, which sells 240-1,000g.


When is the best time to catch a squid? From 6pm to 2am

This fish will produce Squid Ink when placed in a Fish Pond.

Magic Bait can be used to catch squid regardless of the season or time of day.

Magic Bait

If you don’t want to wait until winter and you still like the idea of using a Magic Bal,

Magic Bait can be attached to a Fiberglass Rod or an Iridium Rod. It will catch any fish, regardless of the weather, season, or time. It can be attached either to a Fiberglass Rod, or an Iridium Rod.


You can purchase 20 Magic Bait from Qi’s Walnut Room, x5. You can also purchase the recipe for Magic Bait for diamonds x20. The ingredients are:

  • x1 Radioactive Ore
  • x3 – Bug Meat

Catch a Squid Story Quest Guide

Quest Text: Willy challenges you to catch a Squid. He claims you can catch them from the ocean during winter nights.
Mail, Winter 2

Stardew Valley Squid Fishing Guide: Best Fishing Spot

Although there is no perfect spot for fishing, you can find it anywhere in the ocean. It does require a great fishing skill. We can only recommend that you improve your fishing skills by winter.

We hope you found this guide useful and have learned how you can catch a squid.