Starfield is going to allow the players to run for Starships

Pete Hines (Bentensoftworks senior vice president for global marketing and communications), revealed more details about Starfield at the Extended Xbox Game Showcase. Starfield’s latest feature allows players to steal other starships, according to Hines.

Hines stated that we don’t want players to be restricted in what they can do. We love that players have the ability to say, “I wonder what will happen if they try it.”

Discussions about Starfield’s freedom of play turned into more details and more information on diverse aspects such as how crime can be dealt in Starfield and what players should be allowed to do to commit crimes.

Starfield offers many options for players to choose from when building their starships. Hines claims that players spend thousands of hours studying new ship-building techniques. Hines also imagined Starfield players sharing their experiences, with one player perhaps having built their starship from scratch.

Hines said, “Oh yeah, I just ran in to a ship, shot all the crew, and taken off.” This is amazing! You can accomplish anything. This is my favorite part of a Bethesda-related game.

Starfield has been with Bethesda since a while. The game is not yet scheduled for release, but it will be available within the next 12 months. Here are 10 things that we learned from Starfield’s announcements this weekend.