State of Decay 2 Best Mods

The State of Decay 2’s Best Mods The game includes Walking Dead, Developer Menu, Hidden Bounties, Community Generator Mod Manager Cheat Building X and many more


State of Decay 2 Best Mods – Walking Dead Mod

With the blessing of the original creator and in response to popular request and demand I have restored the original walking dead. It is current and up to date. the majority of it needed been rebuilt because of the old age of the tables that spawned them.


Download Walking Dead Mod > Here

State of Decay 2 Best Mods – Community Editor Mod

This tool allows you to edit the contents of a range of items in your saved file. This tool is only able to edit the items stored in the save file. It isn’t able to create new assets, alter statistics of buildings or other things that aren’t included in the save file.

Download Community Editor Mod > Here

State of Decay 2 Best Mods – Unlock Developer Menu Mod

It allows opening the in-game developer menu within the game. Include the pak file in The State of Decay Mod Manager and then utilize to use the “Create Intergration Pak” function to integrate this into your game. The menu for dev is open by pressing F2

Download Unlock Developer Menu Mod > Here


State of Decay 2 Best Mods – Unlock All Hidden Bounties Mod

Unlock all bounties pages hidden via Bounty Broker. All bounties are now displayed together. WWII page has additional weapons. You are able to use keyboard(no mouse) to scroll down to see weapons that aren’t shown.

Download Unlock All Hidden Bounties Mod > Here

State of Decay 2 Best Mods – Ideal Community Generator Mod

This tool lets you make a collection of survivors to create an entire community with the characteristics you want while eliminating traits that you don’t like. This tool can be used to create a fantastic starting team, or make life more difficult. It’s your choice. Last Update: Added Battle Royale Game Mode

Download Ideal Community Generator Mod > Here

State of Decay 2 Best Mods – Short Night Mod

Night is very quick in the game (about 5 minutes in real life) while daytime is long.


Download Short Night Mod > Here

State of Decay 2 Best Mods – Mod Manager

A tool to manage both your coooked folder and paks and coooked folders, detecting conflicts, finding missing assets, and generally being amazing. Dynamically creates the list of assets for mods that contain additional metadata.json file to ensure that they don’t conflict with each other. Mods that introduce new facilities such as outfits, vehicles, or outfits customized scripts can be loaded in one go.

Download Mod Manager > Here

State of Decay 2 Best Mods – Cheat Building X Mod

Cheat Building utilizes an in-game asset that I’ve updated to provide the majority of Ranged or Melee weapon that is available in game. It also provides consumables and Explosives in addition to Heartland specific items like an enhanced plague cure and plague busters to use in the game’s base. It is also possible to activate all four Legacy Boons at once + lots more


Download Cheat Building X Mod > Here

State of Decay 2 Best Mods – 999 Stacks of Items Mod

You can carry 999 stacks of ammunition, grenades, snacks, mines, repairtool…etc.And ammo weights are sealed to feathers. A few items of no importance may not be include. Remember to delete old files.

Download 999 Stacks of Items Mod > Here

Better Outposts Mod

You can select the higher yield from your outposts. There are options for the following: x2, x3, x4 or the x5 option. Choose the file you’d like to use. Additionally, you may select the posts that will give you either 4 or 8 beds.


Download Better Outposts Mod > Here

Configuration Tool Mod

Utilizing this tool is easy. I’ve listed all the settings in the ini files I’ve come across and tried (listed as well as not listed inside the standard ini files used by the game.) Simply enter the name of the setting in the filter box, double-click its current value, then press Enter after you’ve finished editing. The program will then modify the ini file, and place it in the appropriate section. It will also change your game’s ini file to read only , which will prevent the game from making changes to your settings. Backups are also generated at the beginning of each run, to allow you to easily go to the previous settings if things go wrong.

Download Configuration Tool Mod > Here

Vehicles are equipped with 100 inventory Slots Mod

The vehicles will be equipped with 100 slots for inventory