Steam Next Fest June 2022 Edition – here’s just some of the demos available

Yesterday was the start of Steam Next Fest. There are tons more indie demos available for download.Steam Next Festival: June 2022 Edition is open through June 20, and developers can also participate in livestreams to discuss upcoming releases.

Chats are held with devs, which will continue for the duration.
Demos will be available for titles like Great Houses of Calderia, a grand strategy title set in a beautiful land inspired by Renaissance. There’s also Railbound, a puzzle game about fixing railway connections. You can also grab a demo of Filthy Animals for up to 4 players. This is a chaotic-looking multiplayer heist game where you play the role of mutant animals. Dwarven Skykeep is a fun title that lets you use dwarves as tower builders and armories, and fight of the hordes.

Are you looking for a strategic rogue-lite strategy game that challenges monsters in a short time frame? Siege of Dungeon is a strategic rogue-lite game that allows you to challenge monsters in a short time. A demo of the story-driven, cooperative action-adventure video Leif’s Adventure: Netherworld Hero is also available. There is also one for Cats and the Other Lives that explores the reunion between a family and their cat Aspen.

Running on Magic is a forced-scroll platformer where a quirky wizard is being chased by a tireless Grim Reaper; become outlaw biker Rast who like to smuggle in Scrap Riders; if you’ve been craving a game with a good haunted mansion vibe, try Gearbox Publishing’s Croatian-developed monochrome “roguelight” Eyes in the Dark; there’s Fabular, the roguelike where the futuristic and the medieval collide; Roboty, a physics-based platformer without a jump button; Hill Agency: Purity/Decay is an Indigenous cybernoir detective narrative adventure set in a post-post-apocalyptical future; Terra Nil is a reverse city builder about ecosystem reconstruction published by Devolver Digital; and you can download the demo for survival horror experience Signalis.