Stray kids Customize & Outfit

Stray children Customize and Outfit – Can Stray allow for customization? Are there any outfits in Stray

Stray kids Customize & Outfit

Can you personalize the appearance and behavior of your cat?

You cannot change the color or face of your cat.

Many players would love to play with their cat.

It is therefore possible that a second part of this game will be released in the near future, for 3 main reasons

  • It is innovative and has many fans.
  • Possibility to personalize the cat so that each cat owner feels identified with their cat
  • It is possible that the game will be expanded or new games released in the future.

Outfits for Stray

You cannot customize your cat. However, you can equip it in different outfits.


  • Plain vest
  • For obtaining a badge, you will need a vest

Stray children Customize and Outfit – About The Game

You can find new places and areas as you progress through the game. The idea behind the game is to enter a new world.

The Stray game is an open-world adventure with a focus upon atmosphere, exploration and art.

We will pretend that we are a stray cat, who is lost in a world of robots and tries to return home to his family.

We will play as a curious cat in the Stray game. To advance, we must solve and guess different riddles. As an interesting fact, B12 will accompany us. He will allow us to communicate with other robots and save data.

The following video will show you a review about Stray. You’ll learn all the important details to consider if you decide to purchase the game.

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Annapurna Interactive helps Stray children to customize and outfit their own clothes

The Cat Hero, Stray by Annapurna interactive

You meet Stray the cat hero when you start on Stray. They are alone, wounded, and have no names. This isn’t an alley cat. His only goal in a strange city of robots is to get to his home.


BlueTwelve Studio brought the cat to life with the help of a group of cat lovers. The cat displays all the love you would expect from a brave feline leader.