Switch is selling the following games: POST-MOID for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4 from July 21

POST VOID, an arcade shooter is coming to the PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4 on July 21. The launch was announced by Super Rare Originals, and developer YCJY Games.

POST VOID arrived via Steam for the first time on August 6, 2020.

This game is more like Super Rare Originals. You can learn how you can use Super Rare Originals.

  • An early approach to shooting is to use adrenaline-pumping action. This is a hypnotic scramble that allows you to jump before the attack. React, to death. To make it right, kill what you can. You can score another high score.
  • There is no greater than a Live and Retries, No Repeats. You must quit playing in your idol with more than one kill to maintain your kill count. It is not a good idea to slow down. Find the oasis at each level’s end, choose your random upgrade, then get back into the chaos. The majority of VOIDs differ because of the process and not the resulting outcomes. Only the best option is getting good.
  • It’s easy to grasp the fact that there is time for one quick run, or hours of play, but it’s not something you can master for every player. You’re a true shooter like a classic arcade!
  • Highly syncopated: Post Void, the intense and violent retro-styled violence that blinds and blinds, is both visually and in gaming. Each second of the game was infused with passion and style by its developers.
  • To perfection
  • PlayStation 5 Exclusive: DualSense Controllers Special Features: You will feel more confused when playing on the PlayStation 5 with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and other special features.