Tapping Legends X Codes – Roblox – June 2022

All of the current Roblox tapping Legends X Codes in one updated list – Roblox Games developed by Shiny Star Games – Redeem these codes to boost your game and make use of boosts to collect pets, and explore new locations


Roblox Tapping Legends X Codes – Full List

Use these codes to get boosters and make use of the boosts to collect pets, and explore new zones


Valid & Active Codes

These are the most valid codes.

  • 70kepic redeem code > certain Gifts (New)
  • apologizefix redeem code > certain Gifts (New)
  • technology: Redeem Code > some gifts
  • 60kthanks Redeem Coupon Code for Gifts
  • 25m Coupon Code to redeem > certain Gifts
  • 50ksuscode Redeem Coupon Code for Gifts > some
  • hell redeem code > certain Gifts
  • 15m redeem code > certain vials
  • 40kreallyhotcode : Redeem Code > boosts
  • changes3 redeem code > certain vials
  • the realm of heaven : Redeem Code > boosts
  • 30kcoolcode: Redeem Code > 4x Tap Vials, 4x Damage Vials, and 4x Luck Vials
  • 10m : Redeem Coupon > boosts Chance
  • Galaxy : Redeem the code to gain boosts. Lucky
  • 20klikesforvials redeem code > a few boosts
  • Mines Use the redeem Code to get some bonuses
  • 1mgroupmembers redeem code > boosts
  • rainbow Use the redeem Code to get some boosts
  • easter luck: Redeem Code > boosts
  • 5klikes Get Code Redeem > boosts
  • update 1: Redeem Code > some boosts
  • 2.5klikes: Redeem the code > boosts
  • updates2: Use Code Redeem > this is one of the enhancements
  • 1klikes Get Code Redeem > boosts
  • Release: Redeem Code > some enhancements
  • fix1: redeem code > some enhancements
  • Russo The Code to Redeem >250 Taps
  • toadboi: Redeem Code > 250 Taps
  • gravycatman: Redeem Code > 250 Taps
  • roksek: Redeem Code > 250 Taps

There will be more codes and gift cards soon Stay tuned, we will be adding new codes to our listing as they become they become available

Roblox Tapping Legends X Social Media Channels

  • Discord: Shiny Star Games, also the creators of Speedman Simulator
  • Twitter: @DevOwca
  • Youtube:
  • Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/11346367/Shiny-Star-Games#!/about

If you leave us a message If you discover other working codes, we’ll include them on the list and give you credit

Codes that are expired

There are no currently expired codes currently available.


  • 10klikesthankyou! You can redeem Code > boosts
  • firsthunt : Redeem Code > Lucky Vial
  • Secondhunt Some boosts
  • 3rd carrot : Redeem the code to get some boosts
  • eggluck5th: Redeem Code > some boosts
  • 6thpetindex : Redeem the code to gain some boosts
  • rewardchest7th : Redeem Coupon > boosts
  • Sneakysign8th : Redeem the code to get some boosts
  • bridgey10th : Redeem Code > boosts

Roblox Tapping Legends X Codes – How to Redeem?

Start and begin Tapping Legends X > Click on the Shop (right menu) and redeem the vouchers in the first part of the new menu . Enter Code, then press Redeem. Have fun with the Tapping Legends X freebies

Learn how ways to redeem codes (video by youtube Dan, Gaming Dan)

How do I use Roblox Tapping Legends X? Roblox Game by Shiny Star Games

Follow the game and like it. for news!
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Use Code “release”

Welcome to Tapping Legends X! This is the perfect sequel to the original Tapping Legends with much more features, new designs, and much more! Explore new regions to discover new possibilities! Tap, tap, tap!


Playing the game:

  • Press the middle button to receive egg hatching eggs and taps!
  • Rebirth to earn rubies and upgrade your self!
  • Explore new places to find new pets and eggs!
  • Earn paw tokens for upgrading other capabilities!
  • Combine pets to make them stronger!

Shiny Star Games