Tatakai V.2 Update 1 Log and Patch Notes

The Roblox Tatakai V.2 Update has been released, which brings new content, updates as well as bugs to the game!

Roblox Tatakai V.2 is now available Update 1 for the game on the 10th of August, 2022. With this update, players will see a range of improvements and bug fixes made to improve the game experience. They should help solve any issues you may have experienced playing the game.

Here’s a complete overview of the modifications that were implemented to the game that was announced in the official Tatkai V.2 Discord. You can find some free items by going over to our Tatakai v.2 codes webpage.


  • Reduction of strength scaling to stop one-shots
  • Increased cap for Strength, Durability, and Focus
    • Strength: 1875 -> 2000
    • Durability: 3750 -> 4000
    • Focus: 600 -> 700
  • Focus Boosted through Meditation training by around 15 percent
  • You cannot practice your stats when you are in Private Servers.
  • The added gang territories are ones that gangs are able to claim to earn additional cash!
    • You have to be part of a gang in order to claim territory
    • The possession of a territory can provide cash to each member of the server
  • Added a 1v1 Sparring Arena
    • The winner of a sparring match gives the winner a small amount of cash as an incentive
  • The new training methods are now available.
    • One Hand Pushup
    • Burpee
    • Handstand Pushup
  • We have added a variety of new food items and drinks
    • The water is great, Tacos, Doritos, Protein Shakes (boosts the XP you’ve gained during training for two seconds), Burritos, Hotdogs, and much more!
  • Added a new Style Trainer for Shadow Style (Kage-Ken)
  • Added a new Style Trainer for Light Feather Style (Kuki Hikaru)
  • Added a new Clan: Kage
    • If you belong to an account with the Kage Clan you can learn the Kage Clan Mode: Dark Veil
  • Added a new Clan: Karu
    • If you belong to an account with the Karu Clan you can master how to play the Karu Clan Mode Full Feather
  • The New Map feature lets you select which category to show: Territories, Trainers, Locations


  • Skills for Fixed Leg Style are not hitting

This is all you must be aware of the latest update to the game. Find more information on our Tatakai V.2 section on our website.

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