Tatakai V2 Clans Tier List & Guide

Tatakai V2 Clans Tier List and Guide Mythic, Legendary uncommon, Uncommon, Common – Additionally, the locations of Clan Trainers.


Tatakai V2 Clans Tier List & Guide – Mythic Clans

There is an 0.1 percent chance of obtaining Mythic clans:


  • Raijin The Rijin will give you an opportunity to use the Thunder God Form
  • Kagutsuchi – Gives you Fire God Form
  • Sung – Gives you Shadow Sovereign Form
  • Ryu – Gives you Chi blast
  • Agito (limited) – Buffs Formless Style
    • 50% more Attack Speed
    • 30 More Damage
  • Fujin – Gives Blink Skill
  • Sanji – Boosts Leg style

Tatakai V2 Clans Tier List & Guide – Legendary Clans

The odds are 0.2 percent chance of obtaining legendary clans:

  • Hanma The Hanma comes with a unique move known as demon back.
  • SonGoku The SonGoku provides you with Ultra Instinct
  • Kami (no no a clan) Contributor Exclusive allows you to use Godspeed, Carnage and Demon back

Tatakai V2 Clans Tier List & Guide – Rare Clans

There is a 2% chance receiving Rare clans

  • Gyakusatsu allows you to create carnage
  • Senko allows you to enjoy godspeed

Both clans receive a special training method from the trainers. Both clans also get an ability that deals an extra 2% damage

Tatakai V2 Clans Tier List & Guide – Uncommon Clans

There’s a 20% chance of obtaining Uncommon clans:

  • Bakufu – passive 2% more dmg
  • Fumetsu – 22% more HP

The clans with these clans have a greater probability of receiving random traits. Additionally, they have a higher limit on their dura, or have a smaller dmg buff.


Common Clans

It is possible to have a 78% probability of obtaining Common clans:

  • Funanori
  • Kumo
  • Shinka
  • Gurippu
  • Kagami
  • Hikari
  • Yami

There’s a 78% chance of getting any of the last names, as well as a random characteristic that ranges between 1 and 5percent on a random statistic.

Clan Trainers

  • Raian Gyakusatsu (Carnage) Learns you Carnage in the event that you are a member of the Gyakusatsu Clan. The entrance is near this park (use to use the compass)
  • Killua Senko (GodSpeed) Teach you Godspeed if you’re a part in the Senko clan. Utilize compass to pinpoint
  • Baki Hanma (Demon Back): Teaches you the demon’s return. Utilize compass to find
  • Tokita Ohma (Advance): Teaches you Advance. It is located in the gym (use the compass)
  • Lightning Strike: Teaches you Lighting Strike. Make use of compass to find
  • Kakarot Songoku (Ultra Instinct): Teaches Ultra Instinct. It is located outside the Weight shop. (Use the compass to find)
  • Raijin Trainer (Thunder God): Teaches you Thunder God. Make use of Compass to find
  • Kagutsuchi Trainer (Fire God): Teaches Fire God Form. It is located in the park (Use compass to find)
  • Sung Jin Woo (Shadow Sovereign): Teaches Shadow Sovereign Mode. It is located close to the HighSchool (use the compass)
  • Ryu (Chi Blast): Teaches you Chi Blast. Make use of compass to find
  • Fujin Kami (Blink): Teaches you Blink. Utilize compass to find