TennoCon 2022 pre-stream teaser Everything We know all – we know well

The generous participation of millions around the globe at summer games Fest, Geoff Keighley and Digital Extremes was a huge success.

Digital Extremes, the developer of Warframe, an online sci-fi action video game, shared a first glimpse at some of its most exciting reveals today at Tenno Live, TennoCon 2022. Geoff Keighley (Director of Digital Extremes) gave a live interview for the TennoCons annual TennoLive broadcast, August 15th.

He announced that Warframe, Echoes of the Zariman was released by the award-winning developer to bring life to the games and provided a teaser video on the open gaming platform. It will end with the first event that will provide a preview of the games. The game will be redefined by Geoff Keighley, Director of Digital Extremes. This will take place on Tuesday, July 16th and 2022.

Sheldon Carter, CEO of Digital Extremes, said that TennoCon is one of Warframes’ most memorable experiences. We are excited to offer players an exclusive look at the live gameplay of our next open-world expansion, The Duviri Paradox, in addition to all the rewards, experiences, and activities that were created for TennoCon.

The trailer offers a captivating and cryptic look at The Duviri Paradox. Then, viewers were able to see some of the amazing rewards they could earn by linking their Twitch and Warframe accounts. They can also tune in to TennoCons July 16th-2022 for a chance at winning a Warfan and Renayla Sugatra.

Echoes of the Zariman allows you to return to the Zariman as a Host of Gaming Improvements.

Echoes of the Zariman, the original Warframes version, is now available on all platforms. This update revisits the Angels of the Zariman update and addresses major community feedback. It enhances the overall gameplay experience by adding new content and introducing Zariman-themed toys. Players will experience a smoother and more rewarding experience with the Echo of the Zariman. This includes a decrease in Eximus Overguard and improved Void Sling mobility. There are also more Zariman missions and many new weapons and cosmetics. Echoes of the Zariman and Digital Extremes announce the return of the popular Dog Days Tactical Alert Summer event. This limited-time event invites players to get out of their shells and jump into Warframes with an ultrapowered Soaktron. Players will compete against other players for bragging rights and exclusive rewards. Visit the Warframe page for more information about the esodes and to see a complete list of improvements. Find out more about the Warframes Summer Dog Day event.

TennoCon 2022, June 16th-2022, offers free rewards and recharges.

Digital Extremes is enjoying the heat at TennoCon this year. It is preparing for a huge day of community activities and developer panels. Live Q&A sessions will be held throughout the day. There will also be major developments that will make TennoCon 2022 a top-of-the-list event. Submissions for Community Art Show or Cosplay are still open until June 16th. Applicants can submit their work online to be considered for TennoCon 2022, which will take place on June 16th 2022.

Players who tune in to the show live on multiple platforms July 16th 2022 will be able to access free rewards. To join their Twitch or Warframe accounts, players can sign up for the following rewards and get in on the TennoCon fun. Steam Watchers can also claim TennoCon or TennoLive Drops by following the steps below. Steam Inventory players will receive the rewards once the game is over.


  • Witch Drop Vericres + Renayla Sugatra – Warfan + sugatra
  • Twitch was the first to roll out Titania Prime.
  • On-Game, Drop the Strangers Hood (Operator/Drifter cosmetic)

Here’s how to find it.

  • TennoCon will be held on July 16th at 10:30 a.m. The event begins at 5 o’clock. ET
  • TennoLive will broadcast the 30-minute pronuncial time starting at 5 o’clock on July 16th. ET
  • Digital Extremes is joining TennoLive in the Warframe activity. You must be in-game at the time of the drop

Digital Extremes partners annually with TennoCon charitable organisations to raise funds and attention for local and international initiatives. This is done to promote human rights and other social issues. The company is excited to be a partner with Indspire, an Indigenous-run Canadian charity that works to increase the number of Indigenous youth entering and graduating postsecondary institutions. TennoCon hosts a digital fundraising event. Digital Extremes is proud to donate to the non-profit that supports and assists Indigenous people in Ontario.

Mike DeGagne CEO of Indspire said, “We’re happy to partner with Digital Extremes for this innovative initiative.” This represents a new opportunity for teachers in the United States. It will also help us to overcome the systemic barriers many people face. And it is a tangible commitment towards reconciliation through education.