Terraria 1.4.4 wolf necklace evokes Zelda: Twilight Princess

Terraria enthusiasts who love The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess will be happy to know that a new Terraria1.4.4 accessory is coming to the crafting’s Labor of Love Update. This accessory allows players to transform into a Wolf in the same style as Link in the GameCube. While the wolf form allows players to move more freely, it still allows them access to their usual equipment.

YouTuber ChippyGaming revealed the new item in a special video. He was grateful for the chance to showcase it in his game. It is demonstrated by Chippy creating a special character called “Wolfpet”. However, Whitney Spinks, Re-Logic developer, confirms the item will be available via normal means in update 1.4.4.

He notices that Lilith’s necklace, a new item, has been added to his character’s mount slots. It says that it “Grants you the power of the Wolf.” When he presses the mount button, Chippy is transformed into a wolf.

The finch nest that players use to start the game in the creative Journey Mode is rather adorable. Instead of nestling on top of their characters heads, it nestles along the back of the wolf. Chippy jokes about how he hopes that the pair will make an appearance in Terraria’s graphic novel.

The character can run at a high speed while in wolf mode. It is comparable to some of the fastest mounts. The character can also leap quite high, clearing the tops of trees nearby. Chippy also tested several items and most of them worked as expected. Some items look strange, like the shortsword that pokes out from the chest of the wolf.

The animations of the pickaxe and axe are fantastic. The wolf’s head moves in sync with the swings giving the illusion that the tool is in its mouth. The fire whip is also very impressive, and is very reminiscent of Capcom’s Okami wolf RPG. Chippy also tested accessories and found that boots didn’t slow down your speed when you are in wolf mode. He discovers that wings are not possible, but that the Bundle of Balloons can be used for more mobility and faster falling.

You can view the Lilith’s Necklace reveal video on ChippyGaming’s YouTube channel. Leinfors, a Re-Logic QA tester, also posted a gif on Twitter displaying some dye effects as well as other animations for this new form. The obvious reference is Twilight Princess. But Cennxx claims that Leinfors and her partner Andrew “Redigit” Spinks included the gif as a present for their daughter who loves wolves.

Another Labor of Love news is that a new 1.4.4 potion prevents the spread of evil biomes. The Ankh Shield is another powerful accessory for endgame. Fans are split on whether the bonus is worth it.

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