The Artful Escape Achievement Guide

The Artful Escape Achievement Manual – Get all the achievements, including all 5 Missables, with these tutorials and guides


These achievements and how to unlock them are available on both Xbox and PC. It is possible to unlock all of them in one playthrough. This will take approximately 4 or 5 hours. If you forget something, you can always go back to the level selection menu.


The Artful Escape Achievement Guide: Non-Story Achievements

  • Get it lit up: All buildings and areas in Calypso should be lit
    • Grab the guitar and move from left to right. You can also start at home by pressing the X button. Continue the process on the second floor.
  • Snowman: Jam with the snowman
    • After reaching the Into the Heliotromms Level, interact with the musical key and turn the hit a log. We also have a video tutorial for you in case you are unsure.
  • Stage Fright Do not do anything for more than 3 minutes in a jam
    • When the music key appears, put your controller down and wait for three minutes. In case you are unsure, here is a video tutorial