The Callisto Protocol might be Dead Space 4 coming out this December

Do not forget Isaac Clarke, Jacob Lees new passion (pic: Striking Distance Studios)

The first major update in the last year of The Callisto Protocol shows how it is fun to play and how well-rounded the protagonists are and how frightening it’s likely to be.

If you’re dissatisfied with this year’s “Dear Space remake” in the current release schedule If you’re disappointed, then be aware that The Callisto Protocol will fill the void.

A whole year since the game was released, finally we had an actual review of the game by Glen Schofield, creator of Dead Space, but more actually a horror-themed game, not the story.

Prisoner in the prison that is locked located on Callisto the moon of Jupiter. He has to defend himself transform into the monster known as Biophage which is mutated.

Since it first came out in the the state of play, Schofield has spent some time talking about the new PlayStation 5 games.

Apart from the 3D sound as well as the tactile feedback from your DualSense Controller, users are able to feel the movement of your stun baton or the footsteps of your enemies.

The baton is the most common weapon, but the gravity one too there’s also the Guatrangue, also known as a GRP which Schofield claims blends melee and gunplay. Examples of this include throwing or trapping them into dangerous spaces.

The game isn’t an action game, however. Schofields’ Schofields PlayStation Blog article shows that he would like his game to be as terrifying as it can be and he says it Callisto Protocol is a survival game that is a horror, and players shouldn’t feel insignificant.

Jacob doesn’t have the responsibilities of soldiers, and every battle is a reference to the death and life. Health, ammunition and weapons are priceless and the players have to find Black Iron if they find something else.

When it comes to Jacob, Schofield also reveals that Jacob will appear in the role of Josh Duhamel. He’s probably the greatest actor to be known for his roles in films and television shows, such as the live-action Transformers films and movie on Netflix called Jupiters Legacy. He has also appeared in a number of video games prior to that.

He was the voice of High Volt from the 2014 film Skylanders: SuperChargers and played the voice and voice of William Pierson in 2017 World War 2.

Although it is true that the Callisto Protocol is already coming to Xbox and PC The blog post says that pre-ordering process for PlayStation includes an exclusive Contraband pack. Whatever the length is, it is likely to bring some benefits in the beginning.

The Callisto Protocol will release on December 2, with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Game 2 on December 6th.


Information : PUBG spin-off Callisto protocol isn’t an PUBG spin-off any more.

More Information : Dead Space remake officially scheduled for release in January.

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