The Charming Empire Soichiro Sera Walkthrough

The Charming Empire Soichiro Sera Walkthrough – Choices to unlock both the happy ending as well as the normal CG ending

The Charming Empire Soichiro Sera Walkthrough- Happy Ending

These are the choices that must be made in each chapter to unlock Happy Ending – Soichiro Sea route

  • 1. First chapter selections: I’m not worthy
  • Choose 2nd Chapter: Retry
  • Choose from 3rdt chapters: Leave
  • Fourth chapter options: I want to wander around
  • 5th Chapter Choices: Are the homes okay?
  • Sixth chapter options: Tell me what you think
  • 7th Chapter Choices: Leave the Room > Did you train here?
  • 8th Chapter Choices: Ask Sera
  • 9th Chapter Choices: Keep your hands on the wheel
  • Choose the 10th Chapter: Say No
  • Chapter Choices: Can you leave? > I’ll think it over
  • 12th Chapter Choices: Talk > Why do you do this?
  • Choose the 13th Chapter: Tell the Truth
  • Choose from the 14th Chapter: Stop him
  • Choices for the 15th Chapter: Sacrifices are absurd

Normal Ending CG

You can unlock the Normal Ending route CG – Soichiro sera by choosing the opposite option