The concept of either Ready or Not has disappeared from Steam. Developer comment on what’s happening?

Ready or Not has been inaccessible on Steam as of the date of this announcement. We aren’t planning to purchase it, but that website was developed through The Players has completely been removed from the Game Play Platform.

The team posted on Twitter through VOID Interactive: to the Ready or Not Community, an open letter that scolds rumors of the demise from Ready or Not and its pages on June 16th 2022. The request for removal was made to Steam regarding a possible copyright infringement relating to the Night Club map introduced in the most recent Steam update. We are taking the issue seriously. As an act of faith we have decided to take down this content and all references to Ready or Not and their content as in addition to any social media references.

Ready or Not will come back to Steam when the changes are been completed. We’ve have also deleted from the AI updates video on our YouTube channel as well as our Steam page, and they’ll be added in the full editing process.

According to some sources The content that was presented at the Ready or Not nightclub the main element of the speech it was, in the past, similar to that of the Bataclan located in Paris (where the shooting occurred in the year 2015). The 12th of June when the update was shared, the information, was the date of the fire that devastated the State of Florida where 49 people perished. As per the group, it’s not an issue of copyright, and the similarities that users observed haven’t been mentioned or cited in any manner.