The Cuphead Show: The Animated Series New Episodes Get New Trailer; Coming August 19th

Netflix will host a separate episode for Geeked Week. They also released a trailer for the new episodes on The Cuphead Show.

On August 19, Netflix will release new episodes of the anime series that are based on Studio MDHR’s popular video game.

Below is the trailer with pictures of Mrs. Chalice who plays The Delicious Last Course in the final DLC Cuphead version.

Although it looks great, animation suits animation better than a T.

Here’s how Netflix describes its new episodes:

The final season of the Cuphead Show has ended. It will be available on Netflix soon. The Cuphead Show! Based on the award-winning videogame. Follow Cuphead’s misadventures and those of his impulsive brother Mugman, an able-bodied but stubborn scamp.

You can binge-watch 12 episodes of The Cuphead Show on Netflix if you don’t have it.

Yesterday was the creation of the dessert last course for the cuphead, and I was invited to the Summer Games.

The DVD will be available on June 30th. You can now play the original Cuphead game in the same trailer.