The electric truck maker Nikola ready to collect traction batteries

2024, if possible, is possible.

The freight transport segment still has a place for a battery-electric vehicle. The battery pack must be large enough to reduce the overall efficiency of the vehicle, so long as the tractor can travel hundreds of kilometers with a semi-ton trailer. Many truck developers have started to develop hydrogen-based fuel cell trucks like Nikola or Daimler.

Although Nikola, the name of the inventor who survived Tesla’s death, has not yet been accompanied by any clear reputational trail, he promises to release 300-500 meter tractors with an electrical power plant that uses energy from traction batteries. The financial director of Reuters over time stated that Nikola would like to organize an independent assembly of traction battery.

Source: Reuters.

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It receives battery batteries from LG Energy Solution. The bulk of these components come from Europe. Therefore, Nikola hopes to improve the localization of the truck and truck market in North America. Nikola plans to begin assembling batteries using third-party battery cells in 2024. This would reduce production costs and increase the volume of batteries produced.