The Fnatic and Guild Esports are invincible in the VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 2 stage 2

The VCT 2022 two-person tournament EMEA Challengers continues in the fifth week of the week. From six teams within two groups there were only two teams that did fall: Fnatic and Guild Esports.

What’s the background story to the team’s success? Why is she so successful?


Guild Esports started to fast into 2022. With the most current team and the start of the year, Guild Esports was able to beat the VCT2022 EMEA Stage 1 Challengers without losing the open qualifying matches. It was a case of demons most of the time with Leo as well as Sayf. Guild was able to meet the task and took on their foes with their firepower and with great utilitarian use. Afterward, the shamble proved itself as a strong squad and passed the tests by winning successively.

The league was suspended when they were deemed serious contenders for the title. When it ended the roster had been filled and they’re now facing significant issues. The first was that they lost their group’s leadership after two defeats, followed by an loss in the opening game in the Playoffs.

Guild Esports missed their first international tournament, but during later games, the team went back to its initial form. Sometimes, they lose the game’s control and also lose maps however, they haven’t lost a game. It’s not likely that they’ll lose when they make a major error.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine is also a factor that was a factor in as it did the VALORANT scene. At first it was that EMEA games were postponed. EMEA games were delayed, and the teams from Russia and Ukraine were not able to participate. In the end, though tardy – EMEA Stage 1 is scheduled to end. But this time, participants left.

BraveAF which was part of the team, was not capable of attending masters Reykjavik stage one because of limitations. The team member, Derke, also missed the group stage games a year because of lack of COVID-19. The announcement was huge and forced Fnatic to join the tournament as two teams.

The physical aspects of the tournament became more difficult, Fnatic repeatedly took undesired outcomes and offered no less to the opening phase of the event. When we got off, the European giant announced it would be remaining in the same team of BraveAF as well as Magnum. After a long time of excluding the new players from rosters company announced , shortly after the start of VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 2 Challengers, that Alfajer and Enzo were added to the team.

Enzo was among those who joined as stand-in for the second stage of mastering Reykjavik. The European public was not aware of the name Alfajer. It was a matter of curiosity to see if the young player would play very well within the Turkish regional league.


The fresh blood of stage 2 of EMEA stage 2 generated all the excitement of the team since the start of the second stage. Alfajer was an impressive start to the championship was awed by all. For this first championship, Fnatic was able to beat its opponents using the skeleton and was improving every day, while the crew was brand new. Enzos was able to take over the second portion of the IGL task, was able to lighten Boaster load , and Alfajer as a back demke while gunpower helped make Fnatic unstoppable.

After the end of Week 5 and 6, both teams are hoping to have a winning streak when they are Playoff teams. Since their first seedings being secured, we’ll both be looking forward to The Upper Bracket final, and perhaps in the Grand Final.